continued... forward a few years...I feel more and comfortable in my own skin, I'm energised, I've lost a few kilos, I'm able to exercise regularly, my fitness is improving, and I'm on a mission. Now I intend to squeeze as much juice out of this stage of life for myself as I can, and make this my best decade of all. (Did you know when you google midlife, the first thing that comes up is "crisis"?...but don't get me started on that...). Now my mission is firstly, to keep exploring my own limits in emotional and physical and wellbeing - to purposely create a life that's as frigging amazing as it can be. And secondly, to support other women reaching towards and through their boundaries, in the directions that are closest to their values, hearts, and happiness. And my most important mission - supporting Cambodian girls to stay in school, protecting them from sex trafficking. 10% of proceeds are donated to the amazing organisation: Free To Shine.